Two Characters Need to Die, but I Can’t Do it!

They needed to be dead a week ago so I could go on writing. I’m referring to two characters that have to die. But  after living with them for so many weeks while I worked on the first part of my novel-in-progress, I’m finding it hard to say “good-by.” Every day last week, when I should have been doing my job and issuing their death warrant, I found an excuse not to. On Monday, I had a headache. I never have headaches, but I managed to get one on Monday, so I laid around in bed and didn’t write. Tuesday, I had nothing in the house for breakfast, so I went out, and my going-out took up all my writing time. Wednesday, . . . . I forget what my excuse was on Wednesday, but I’m sure it was a good one. Thursday, I didn’t feel so great because the evening before my book group met, and we always eat and drink a lot and stay up late and gossip and tell naughty stories, so how could I kill two characters after that? Friday, I decided it would be more beneficial to do some editing on the first part of the book, so I postponed the two deaths. Tomorrow is Monday. These two characters are going to die for sure, otherwise I’ll never get this book written.